Open Studio Rental

inks, image by Calvin Joseph, 2017.

We offer the artistic community equipment, facilities, and support in the production, exhibition, and dissemination of print-based works at a local, provincial, national, and international level. Our studio is roughly 4000 square feet on two floors, with 2000 per floor. The entire lower level is devoted to open studio space, and the upper level houses the gallery, The Print Shop, our archives, prints for sale, a communal kitchen space, the digital suite, our administrative offices and more open studio space.

We support artists working in the printmaking medium, with congenial, accessible, well-ventilated and fully equipped areas on both levels for the production of prints in a full range of techniques including: intaglio, relief, screen printing, lithography, and monoprinting. For a full list of studio equipment please refer to the list below.

Our facilities can be rented for varying lengths of time including daily, weekly and monthly, and discounts are available for annual rentals.

Studio users must be members, unless they are visiting artists from out of province, and all are required to read our general studio guidelines, sign a liability waiver and to provide up to date emergency contact information before renting studio time. Studio users must provide basic technical competence in their chosen print medium before working independently in the studio. As a studio user, all are required to respect the studio guidelines, basic studio etiquette and use the sign in/out sheet. Studio users can request 24-hour access with one month or annual studio rental purchase. A key deposit is required.

Brayers and litho rollers, 2017.


Annually (pre/post-dated monthly payments required) – $1,080
Monthly – $125
10 Day Pass – $180
Weekly – $75
Daily – $25
Digital Suite Daily  – $10

For more information about studio rental, please contact us at

Please phone-in and/or email to book studio time 24 hours in advance. 
To book time in the Studio, please email: or call the studio at 1(204)779-6253