Covid-19 Information

Hello members, artists and supporters,

Effective immediately and until further notice Martha Street Studio will be closed except to Staff.

In solidarity with essential workers and out of an abundance of caution all of the staff will be working remotely. Digital services, print sales, and curbside pickup/delivery will be discontinued for the duration of the closure.

If you have supplies stored at the studio, please contact studio technicians to arrange for curbside pickup. Office staff will be contacting anyone who requires a refund for rentals and/or cancelled courses. Please be patient as we work through this and know that you will not be charged for time or services that cannot be used. 

If you would like to show your support to the centre, upcoming virtual artist talks will provide an opportunity to engage with our current exhibition. And our raffle tickets will still be available online.

We will continue to monitor Public Health orders and notify you of any changes. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the studio.

Be safe and stay home.

Jamie Wright
Executive Director

When we reopen...We're asking all visitors to Martha Street Studio to help us accomplish this by following these main guidelines:

1. If you’re feeling sick or have had contact with a confirmed or presumptive case of COVID-19, please do not come to Martha Street Studio.

Be aware of and compliant with Manitoba’s Public Health Orders related to travel:

2. Bring & wear a mask when you’re in the building.

We all know people who fall into high-risk categories; staff will be wearing masks to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and we require that you do the same when you are here. 

3. Book & confirm your rental or visit in advance.

We can only permit so many people to work in a given area at one time, so please plan ahead and get in touch either by phone or email to let us know when you’d like to rent and what equipment you will be using. This applies to all renters, including keyholders and individuals who only want to use a computer. We will do our best to coordinate things so that everyone who wants to use the studio will have the chance to. To make the studio more widely available, we will have technicians staffing the building 7 days a week (the office & gallery will remain closed on Sundays and Mondays). If you have questions, concerns or would like to arrange to use the studio, please email:

4. Be courteous, wear gloves and wash or sanitize your hands before and after using shared spaces & equipment.

There are still some areas and equipment in the studio that will need to be used by multiple people. Hand sanitizer is available and we have increased cleaning and disinfection throughout the building, but these measures only go so far; please be mindful of how you are using Martha Street Studio’s communal resources, and be considerate of the people working around you so that everyone can accomplish what they need to in a safe manner.

5. Bring everything you need (ex. art supplies; gloves; dishes/cutlery; water bottle; etc.)

Amid this pandemic, we cannot offer certain amenities that we have in the past: kitchen usage will be limited and plates, cutlery, mugs, coffee and tea will not be made available for general use. So, please think hard about what you will need to get you through the day and bring as much with you as you can. If there are certain things you would like to store at the studio between rentals, we will provide you with a modest storage box for you to stow your pen, gloves, mug, ruler, utility knife and so on.

6. Thoroughly clean up after yourself and put relevant items in a disinfection bin.

When your rental is finished for the day, please tidy up after yourself, clean surfaces and place relevant studio items in a designated bin to be disinfected by a technician or instructor.

Additional Gallery Procedures:

1. Exhibitions may be viewed by appointment or drop-in:

Exhibition viewings will be limited to five people at a time. To avoid unwanted waiting periods, please email or call 204-779-6253 ahead of time to make a viewing appointment. Please get in touch if you need to reschedule an appointment. If no appointment is made, visitors may ring our front door bell to be let in as space is available.
*Please get in touch if you are not able to wear a mask but would like to view our exhibitions by emailing us at

2. Information on exhibition receptions:

At this time we are allowing up to nine visitors at a time in the gallery during opening receptions. Be prepared to wait outside the building if space is not immediately available upon your arrival. There will be no food & drinks at receptions until otherwise noted.

3. Be mindful of how long you are in the gallery:

Keep in mind that the occupancy in the building is limited. For opening receptions, we recommend limiting your visit to 30-45 minutes. Exhibition viewing appointments will be booked 45 minutes at a time. If you are interested in purchasing artwork from an exhibition, you may do so during your visit by asking a staff member for assistance. Otherwise please visit our Webstore for information on artwork sales.

Education Procedures:

1. Revised studio layout to accommodate physical distancing

2. Mandatory mask usage by staff, renters, teachers and students

3. Assigned tool sets for each student to minimize shared items

4. Increased cleaning and sanitizing for all studio spaces

5. Smaller class sizes to allow for physical distancing

6. Fewer courses running simultaneously

Art Sales:

Artwork sales will be by appointment only or through the Webstore:

Email us at to make an appointment to view artwork for sale. Sales appointments will be booked 45 minutes at a time.

We encourage you to browse through our Webstore ahead of time to get an idea of what you would like to view in person during your appointment. Items on our Webstore may also be purchased directly online. Once your purchase has been processed, staff will be in touch to arrange shipping or curb-side pickup. Additionally, our in-house Print Shop includes artwork under $100 made by our members. This stock is not currently available online.

Staff will be available to assist you in viewing artwork for sale. We ask that you do not handle any items before purchasing.

Contactless payment is preferred. Upon invoice of a product, payment can be completed via e-transfer, credit card, debit card, or cheque. We are not accepting cash at this time.


At this time we are not scheduling any residencies.