The Elders Say We Don’t Visit Anymore / Dylan Miner

Come by for tea and conversation

Every Friday from 1-3pm during the duration of Dylan Miner's exhibition

June 26th- August 7th

Based on his work with Indigenous youth and elders across Turtle Island, Wiisaakodewini (Métis) artist Dylan Miner has begun to explore the ‘methodology of visiting,’ an Indigenous way of working.  While conducting an oral history project with retired Anishinaabe autoworkers, many elders shared the idea that we don’t visit as much as we used to.  Because of urbanization and the necessities of wage labour, many Indigenous people do not visit one another was frequently.  In other words, ‘The Elders Say We Don’t Visit Anymore.’ 

As such, Miner wondered what it would mean to simply create a time and place to share tea and conversation within the context of the art gallery, museum, or Indigenous community centre.  It is here that ‘The Elders Say We Don’t Visit Anymore’ emerges. Through this particular socially engaged artist practice, Miner simply organizes tea times where anyone can stop by to share tea and conversation, creating new and maintaining existing social relationships. 

June 16, 2015