New Indigenous Arts Leaders Fellowship

Deadline to Apply: August 17, 2018 

The Winnipeg Arts Council is partnering with both Martha Street Studio and the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre for the Indigenous Arts Leaders Fellowship.

This is a new opportunity that will provide First Nations, Metis or Inuit arts administration professionals with a specialized opportunity to become immersed in the community of contemporary Arts creation and presentation in Winnipeg.

The program seeks to champion Indigenous leaders in the Arts Community and develop deeper relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous arts administrators, practitioners and organizations. This fellowship has been developed through an extensive consultation process with Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of the arts community in Winnipeg and across Canada, as well as training agencies and employment specialists.

Fellowships are paid positions and recipients will receive mentorship, professional development, and management skills. Fellows will receive arts-focused management training in not-for-profit governance, financial management, leadership and human resources.

“Values around reconciliation have always been part of our work but it’s important to be intentional and demonstrate our commitment. We know there are talented, committed and creative Indigenous artists in this community but we’d like to see more in leadership positions. We asked ourselves, how can we create space and opportunity? We are so pleased that Martha Street Studio and the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, two progressive, excellent organizations are participating.”

Carol A. Phillips

Executive Director, Winnipeg Arts Council


One Fellow will work with Martha Street Studio gaining hands-on experience as part of a small dynamic arts organization. The Fellow will develop insight into management and governance as well as specific skills in archiving and research, website, and financial management.

“We are honoured to be part of this exciting initiative and are happy to welcome someone to the team,” says Kristin Nelson, Executive Director of Martha Street Studio. “As an organization we work toward enriching the lives of all Manitobans through the print arts. Diversity, inclusivity and accessibility are key to this process and by encouraging Indigenous participation we hope to make a meaningful contribution.”

Another Fellow will join the staff at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre for the coming production year and be embedded in various aspects of the operation including marketing and development, event production, administration, and governance.

Camilla Holland, Executive Director of the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre says “Royal MTC is dedicated to deepening our understanding of Indigenous perspectives. Supporting this program will allow our organization to develop more meaningful dialogue and to contribute to the growth of Indigenous arts leaders in Winnipeg.”

The deadline to apply for this fellowship is August 17, 2018.

Please visit for more information about eligibility and qualifications, or contact Dominic Lloyd at or 204-943-7668.

July 25, 2018