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by Marlene Yuen and Vanessa Hall-Patch
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WOW MOM // Marlene Yuen and Vanessa Hall-Patch
Exhibition Dates: March 3 – April 7, 2023 Opening Reception: March 3, 2023 @ 5 – 8 pm Artist talk: Saturday March 4, 2023 @ 1pm
ASL interpretation will be provided and live captions will be enabled. 
This talk is free to attend and open to the public. Exhibition Text by Christina Hajjar – – –
 Martha Street Studio is pleased to present WOW MOM, a duo show by Marlene Yuen (BC) and Vanessa Hall-Patch (BC). // Creating a new body of prints can feel very much like parenting: rewarding, messy, energizing, frustrating, colourful and repetitive. While working in a letterpress studio in the spring of 2020, Marlene Yuen discovered a student’s typographical letterpress proof that read WOW. When it was turned upside down, it read MOM. For Yuen and fellow artist and colleague, Vanessa Hall-Patch, the singular word contained a double meaning: WOW MOM. Using a high volume of repeated prints, WOW MOM is a two-person exhibition by Marlene Yuen and Vanessa Hall-Patch, which investigates the repetitive labour taken on by parents, namely mothers. Mothering is one of the most essential labours that one can provide in society, yet it is an invisible form of work that is rarely given its due as skilled, multi-dimensional work. In creating a new series of prints specifically for Martha Street Studio, Yuen and Hall-Patch consider the parallels of parenting and printmaking. The colourful, multi-technique prints (screen, relief, intaglio and cyanotype) are layered and arranged as a large scale installation, visually overwhelming the viewer with repetition, a feeling familiar to parents. Snacks, laundry, lunch boxes, sticks and toys are among a collection of items printed by Yuen and Hall-Patch. Presented in multiples, these objects of comfort and utility embody the ongoing routine and responsibilities of parenting. Full-time working parent artists like Yuen and Hall-Patch create
2022 Inkubator Showcase
Exhibition Dates: December 13 – 22, 2022 Join us Friday, December 16 from 5-8pm in celebrating the achievements of the youth participants of our 2022 INKubator Program!! All are welcome and refreshments will be served. Participating artists: Naomi Barker-Bouchard, Shaneela Boodoo, Dylan Carr, Fay Johnson, Andrew Mingo
Keeping Time // Laura Peturson and Andrew Ackerman
Exhibition Dates: January 13 – February 17, 2023 Opening Reception: Friday January 13, 2023 @ 5 – 8 pm Virtual artist talk: Saturday January 14, 2023 @ 1pm ASL interpretation will be provided and live captions will be enabled. This talk is free to attend and open to the public. Exhibition Text by Hailey Primrose – – – Martha Street Studio is pleased to present Keeping Time, a duo exhibition by Laura Peturson and Andrew Ackerman (ON). Artist Statement // In the large-scale print-based murals of Keeping Time, narrative imagery referencing archetypes from children’s literature captures the peculiar experience of time as a state of simultaneous expansion and contraction. Laura Peturson and Andrew Ackerman’s duo exhibition is inspired by the artists’ experience as parents, collaging figures, natural subject matter such as birds and plant species, along with remnants from child-made forts and structures. These remnants, chosen for their potential to exist in multiple temporal states simultaneously, reference both a time of childhood, and impending adolescence. Originally, these structures provided a space of separation, that allowed for childhood independence and interiority. Their present and future deterioration reference the aging of the children who built them, as well as the constant and cyclical nature of the environment. During the periods of isolation in the covid 19 pandemic, many of us experienced time in a different way, recalling the adage that the days are long, and the years are short. The artists are interested in the contrast between a conception of time that is measurable and evident in the physical world (erratic boulders, decomposition, etc), with a more fluid, impressionistic conception of time that overlaps memory, observation, and thought. The exhibition takes an immersive form, with life-sized prints and painted imagery as mural components, and structural imagery emerging from the walls like a pop-up book
Martha Street Studio 2022 Member’s Show + Sale
Works by Ewa Tarsia (left), Bramwell Enan (centre), and Suzie Smith (right) Martha Studio Studio is excited to host our 2022 Member’s Show + Sale!  Exhibition Dates: November 4 – November 25, 2022 All member’s works on display are available to purchase. Pick up a great holiday gift, or add to your collection! This expansive collection of printmaking has something for everyone. This year’s collection can be viewed in the gallery below. Contact gallery@printmakers.mb.ca or askmartha@printmakers.mb.ca to inquire for purchasing.
Forlorn Visitations // Nat Cann
Exhibition Dates: September 16 – October 21, 2022 Opening Reception: Friday September 16 @ 5-8pm Virtual artist talk: Saturday September 17 @ 1pm CST ASL interpretation will be provided and live captions will be enabled. This talk is free to attend and open to the public. Click here to join the Zoom meeting. Exhibition Text by Roewan Crowe. – – – Martha Street Studio is pleased to present Forlorn Visitations, a solo exhibition by Nat Cann (NB). Forlorn Visitations is an examination into the depths of New Brunswick, the backroads and little lost places within central Atlantic Canada, the places not along the more tourist-oriented coast, as well as a collection of other visitations made during nationwide residencies. Everything from the playful exploration of Calgary’s need for coffee to fuel the fuel industry to the haunting past of Canada’s involvement in WW2 interments camps. It is as much a celebration of Canadian living as it is a critical deposition on colonial acts. Artist Statement // In early 2020, before the world had its collective breakdown, Nat Cann traveled to the Magdalen Islands of Quebec for a two week residency wherein a series of work was fashioned regarding the haunting of the isles, a place of things well painted. The intention with this residency was to find a spirit, that which draws people to places of expulsion, cold waters and winds. In the end, it was a mixture of everything sprinkled in francophone cultural via the Acadian expulsion, and how said migration has claimed this land; particularly, the many lush houses of untameable colors. Houses not painted to match their wild surroundings, rather, to emulate them. And this idea extends to (almost) every corner of the isles. From their boats to the dog’s house, everything has a style all its own, a culture
Martha Street Studio Pet Projects – Print Exchange
Pet Projects – PRINT EXCHANGE Summer/Fall 2022 Please join us for the MSS Pet Projects – Print Exchange! Deadline Extended: October 29th, 2022 Each participant will receive 5 new prints in the mail made by fellow printmakers. If you are interested in participating, email your name and address to: askmartha@printmakers.mb.ca with the subject line: MSS Pet Projects – Print Exchange Participants are asked to create an edition of at least 6 prints, paper size no larger than 8½ x11”, using at least one traditional printmaking technique. Martha Street Studio will take care of the distribution of the exchange so that everyone receives 5 prints by other artists. The sixth print will be kept in our print archive. The theme is Pet Projects, so show us your favourite furry friend, a feathered companion, a scaly sidekick, or go totally wild and share a print project you’ve been fine-tuning for ages. Any unfettered interpretation of the theme is strongly recommended! This exchange is open to any and all members of Martha Street Studio – If you are not currently a member you may purchase/renew your membership in the studio, or online here: Martha Street Studio Membership The due date for print submissions has been extended to October 29th, 2022 (if your address is outside the city of Winnipeg, your submission will be accepted late provided it is postmarked October 29th). You should receive your collection of 5 prints by the end of November, 2022.  Please make sure that you have read and followed the guidelines posted below before submitting your print edition. If you have any queries please email: director@printmakers.mb.ca for clarification.  Guidelines Deadline: Finished Prints must be submitted to MSS by October 1st, 5 pm  MSS Members Print Exchange 2022 Guidelines  Submissions to the MSS Members Print Exchange must comply with all guidelines. Any edition that fails to meet one or more of the guidelines will be returned to the printmaker
Floral Overload // Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell
Exhibition Dates: Friday July 29 – Friday, September 2, 2022 Opening Reception: Friday August 5 @ 5-8pm Virtual artist talk: Saturday August 6 @ 1pm CST ASL interpretation will be provided and live captions will be enabled. This talk is free to attend and open to the public. Click here to view the Artist Talk Exhibition Text by Alyssa Bornn. – – – Martha Street Studio is pleased to present Floral Overload, a solo exhibition by Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell (QC). Floral Overload inverts the hierarchy of art through an overflowing installation as anachronistic still-life, inviting viewers to delve into the worlds of printmaking, ceramics and decoration against the backdrop of botanically-scented wallpaper. Over a screen of flora and fauna, Dinan-Mitchell intervenes with successive layers of elaboration; varying from monochrome works to highly saturated hand-painted silkscreens and printed ceramic plates exploring the artistic genre of still life, Dinan-Mitchell appropriates and updates this historically pictorial genre, declining it in several states and scales. From contour drawing to installation, Dinan-Mitchell uses the codes and rules of composition of traditional vanities: the central point of view, the narrow frame and the closed composition, set against some of her favorite objects. Jewelry, ornate porcelain, books, skulls, flowers, insects, fruits and corals are therefore interwoven and symbolize sometimes the vanity of wealth, power and knowledge, sometimes the mortal destiny of human life. To these classic elements and conventions of the still life, Dinan-Mitchell integrates a visual vocabulary of her own. Artist Statement // In Cynthia Dinan-Mitchell’s work, we, as viewers, are impelled to revisit whole swathes of art history, and to reconsider styles, genres and techniques we would normally think of as incompatible. In her syncretic approach, Dinan-Mitchell brings together a wide range of influences and methods: the baroque, 17th-century Dutch still life painting, the chiaroscuro, contour drawing, etching,
HorizonLine/BaseLine // James Boychuk-Hunter
Exhibition Dates: Friday, June 10 – Friday, July 15, 2022 Please review our COVID-19 procedures in full here. Virtual artist talk: Presented Saturday June 11 at 1pm CDT via Zoom. Click here to watch James’s talk on Vimeo. Exhibition Text by Jillian Groening. – – – Martha Street Studio is pleased to present HorizonLine/BaseLine, a solo exhibition by James Boychuck-Hunter (AB). HorizonLine/BaseLine engages with graphic symbolic iconographies, asserting an interest in the derivation of certain graphic sensibilities that surround us, but often go unnoticed. Central themes include the function of visual communication – both as intended, as well as the colloquial interpretations that develop through practical engagement – and communications conventions that mutate over time and as media technologies and processes change. HorizonLine/BaseLine occupies itself with examining structures that inform communication and considers the formal components of signification in abstract and broadly general terms. HorizonLine/BaseLine hybridizes printmaking techniques, combining etching, woodcut and lithography into experimental constructions, assembling objects from component parts of printed materials. These works utilize a plurality of materials including printed paper, etched and folded steel, cut granite, wire, and steel bar.   Artist Statement HorizonLine/BaseLine stems from an interest in the geometries of letterform and typographical design. Through print, my aim is to ponder and investigate the architectural sensibility of letterforms. In the graphic alphabetic system predominantly used in the West, the Latin alphabet, the baseline functions as a horizon and letterforms generally sit atop the baseline as though they are bearing the weight of their own elements. Using this baseline/horizon line parallel as a point of departure, I consider the relationship between interventions in the landscape, mounds, megaliths, or earthworks generally, their role as communicators in the landscape and if their sensibilities in any way, conscious or otherwise, informed the convention of elements sitting atop a baseline in
Martha Street Studio Seeks Community Outreach Workshop Facilitators
Community Outreach Workshop Facilitator – 2 contract positions  Deadline to apply: Thursday May 5, 2022 @ 5pm   Martha Street Studio is embarking on a pilot program of off-site entry-level printmaking workshops, delivered free of charge to community groups throughout the City of Winnipeg, with a focus on engaging under-served, equity-deserving communities.   Program description: The successful applicants will spend Phase 1 (approximately 2 months) being mentored in three printmaking processes, as well as material, tool and equipment preparation. During this phase, they will also be supported in setting up the administration of the printmaking workshops: applicants will be responsible for identifying community groups and arranging all aspects of the workshops with each community group. During Phase 2 (3-4 months) the successful applicants will be responsible for all aspects of delivering approximately 12 printmaking workshops including: organizing volunteers, preparing materials, transporting the equipment and materials, instruction at the workshop, and cleaning and restocking. The successful applicants will be emerging visual artists, from BIPOC communities, with a demonstrated commitment to community building practices. An interest in drawing and design is an asset.  Applicants do not need to have previous experience in printmaking as they will be mentored in the specific processes that will be delivered via the workshops. A vehicle and driver’s licence are not required. The successful applicants will be expected to work as a team. They will have excellent verbal communication skills and a strong desire to learn and share what they have learned. They will have excellent organizational skills, be self-motivated and able to prioritize tasks. They will have strong time-management and scheduling skills. They will be able to build and maintain positive working relationships with studio staff and the community groups they choose to work with. They will have a flexible schedule. Working hours:   – Phase 1 (2 months) – 15 hours a week, at Martha Street Studio, to
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